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태권도 ~ Taekwondo 540 Dolyeop Chagi Basic Drill

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CAUTION FOR VIEWERS: Footages, images and texts are reference materials for Martial Arts, Sports, Athletic, Team Play and Fitness explorer. All footages, images and texts are not intended to represent any entity, individual, system, style, organization, activity, ideology, behavior or whatsoever. Footages, images and texts are broadcasted for educational purposes, the main idea and concept is to optimistically share “the values”; kindly seek professional instruction with regards to Martial Arts, Sports, Athletic, Team Play and Fitness learning, training and practices.

We believe in comradeship; take note, Martial Art, Sports, Athletic, Team Play and Fitness executions are neither for novice nor trial and error; there are also potential risks, if Science principles, artistic philosophies and safety procedures are overlooked.

COMMONSENSICAL: Training tools used in all footages and images are designed for “training” and are not intended to act, represent or serve as any type of weaponry i.e. for destruction, lethal force instruments or marketing devices. In case you are not happy with any of the footage or image, please keep your opinion to yourself; we appreciate your kind assistance more than your advice or comment.

INFO FOR MARTIAL ARTIST &/ MARTIAL ART STUDENT &/ PRACTITIONERS: Martial Arts, Sports, Athletic, Team Play and Fitness performances are not property; it has a permanent status in human chronicle. We don’t need to remove it up or down in fact we should be thankful that it is still there. History is still a history, avoid emotional sensitivity and keep on serving the world; proceed with the learning, training, practices and teaching as long as we live; give a helping hand to those in need (if possible), we don’t need to prove anything to anybody.

Let us help each other to beautify the world with the spirits of love, peace and freedom using Martial Arts, Sports, Athletic, Team Play and Fitness as a platform; perhaps we should support each other inviting more newcomers into our kingdom; at the meantime, acknowledge and respect our senior practitioners as we are undoubtedly a product of their effort.

Thank, but NO thanks to all martial art haters, average Joe and layman, we are NOT a threat to you or harmful towards your love one, we CO-EXIST, hope you could finally see positive values within and beyond all human endeavor. we love all 'BEING"; the one living and those who had died.

VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISKS. Kindly, focus on the message not on the messenger; Thank you.


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