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How To Reach In OLYMPIC | Way To Olympic | Taekwondo Qualification Procedure (HINDI Audio)

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OLYMPIC- The one whose Heart Beat gets faster just by hearing this name, is a Player.
Almost every player has the desire to participate in the Olympics But there are only a few players Who have the dream of Olympic And they work hard for it, They fight themselves, fight with their dear ones, fight with odds. But very few of them reach the Olympics.
Reason- 90% of them are not serious, they are only training for their hobby or self-satisfaction sake.
And the rest of the 10% have the common reasons- I don't have money, I don't have time, I have lots of responsibilities, There is so much corruption no one can escape etc. But there is only one Root Reason for this- They did not get proper guidance.
Today more than 80% of the players don't know what the procedure of participating in the Olympics is. They are training since 10-10, 15-15 years and still they are nowhere. And just knowing the procedure, we will not even reach the Olympics. First of all we have to make ourselves worthy for Olympic.
We need only 3 things to reach Olympic
1. Regularity 2. Dedication 3. Focus
Holidays and injuries play major role to ruin the player. We often take leave with some reasons and Holidays are like Cancer for Player.
So first of all, you must be Regular, For any reason you are not going to your Training Center then Practice at Home. If you don't have time, If you have exams then practice only half an hour or 15 minutes only but do not leave your practice. Fire means- Passion, obsession, Keep the spark alive in your Heart.
So now if you practice regular with full focus and dedication, you will get 100% improvement, when you improve then obviously your performance will also get better. And when your performance is good then you will not need a procedure. Your Association/Federation Will Guide You. Because every federation needs medal today. And when they see a guarantee of medal in you So they themselves will come to you.

All athletes must be at least 17 years of age
(if an athlete wants to participate in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 She/He must be born on/or before 31 December 2003)
Athlete must be a Kukkiwon Dan certificate holder
Athlete must Hold a WT Global Athlete License
We have 3 Ways To Reach in OLYMPIC
1 Ranking Point
2 Continental Qualification
3 Host Country/Tripartite Commission Invitation

Disclaimer: These facts are based on my knowledge and I do not certify any fact. All the pictures and videos used here are the property of their respective owners and copyright holders and are used here just for information and educational purpose only.

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